Consideration of victims

  • Can not interfere with rescue activities. Note that the accident under investigation.
  • Citizens and government, the media must also be attentive to prevent misunderstandings and unscrupulous activities of our investigation.


  • Please utmost priority in the field of rescue aid.
  • Tsunami forecast, taking into account the situation of nuclear power, please forward a full investigation to ensure safe operation. Among those who have been voluntarily evacuated but they continued tsunami advisory, please refrain from the investigation.
  • A regional tsunami warning continues, We want to avoid working close to shore, thank you.
  • May come Kina Hiroshi aftershocks and the accompanying tsunami. During the study, Put a radio or mobile phone and you like to receive early warning, please be careful not to always be capable of aftershocks and tsunamis.
  • Dress appropriately during the field survey (helmets, work clothes, gloves) Please prepare a. There are many buildings and structures that could collapse in aftershocks.
  • Around the affected areas is difficult to procure the food, beverage and food would be better prepared in advance. Buy food for their valuable research in the disaster area will be annoying.
  • The survey route is very important. Refer to the following safety information and the like, under the action plan please enough.

Safety Information

See the results

When the field survey, referring to the numerical results, please run while watching the match or not. If, when fit, you must be careful research.

Cause of the discrepancy is two.

  • 1. Due to the wave source. In addition to information seen from the earthquake fault model, and possibly a small secondary faults, there is a possibility that it is strongly related to the tsunami. In other words, what's the difference between calculated and measured values, and characteristics of the next tsunami. To elucidate this, it is important to verify these differences. In cases of Okushiri tsunami, Masaki first, this is the northwest coast of research evidence Okushiri Island. The latter modification of the wave source model, the former helped to clarify the behavior of the tsunami it wraps the island edge.
  • 2. Topographic data accuracy problems. It is not the latest topographic data used in the calculations, you'll cause problems such as terrain or digitized, and look around a bit finer, better technology is very useful for future calculations.

(Dr. Shudo 2011/03/16)