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* Tokyo [#w4ed279d]
The conference will be held in Tokyo

* How to get to Tokyo [#n819eb0e]
*** From the Tokyo Internationa Airport: [#t4de83ab]
Access from Tokyo Internation Airport (Narita Airport) is convenient using train.
There are two train companies, JR or Keisei line at Narita Airport.
It takes 60-90 min from the airport to Tokyo metropolitan area.
Each passenger terminal has its own railway station.
Before arriving at the airport, please check which terminal your airline uses.
- [[Airport Access Information :]]

*** From the other part of Tokyo [#n7306ee0]

* Inside of Tokyo [#x891a53e]

* The Congress Venue [#v9e3cf14]

* Link [#u228ae4d]

- [[Tokyo Tourism Infomation:]]
- [[Airport Access Information :]]
- [[Japan Railway East:]]