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Professor Rob A. Holman


Rob Holman received his PhD from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, in 1979. He then joined the faculty at Oregon State University where he now holds the position of Full Professor. He has spent extended visits to the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands and to the NATO Research Center in Italy. Professor Holman is the developer and leader of the Argus Program of nearshore observing systems. He also serves as a Navy SECNAV/CNO Chair in Oceanography.

Professor Holman's talk is based on the premise that most operational nearshore models are less limited by physics than by data-starvation, particularly knowledge of the evolving bathymetry. The best solution lies with the suite of remote sensing tools that have become available, particularly optical methods of the Argus Program. The talk will focus on the history, capabilities and future of common nearshore remote sensing methods.