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Professor David Huntley


David Huntley has since 1987 been Professor of Physical Oceanography at the University of Plymouth, where he works in the School of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences and the Marine Institute. He is also a founder member of the University of Plymouth Centre for Coastal Dynamics and Engineering, one of the largest groups of coastal researchers in the world,

The primary focus of his research is to try to understand and predict the behaviour of morphological systems in coastal seas and shorelines. This currently involves analysis of remote video measurements of the shoreline over timescales of days to decades and stochastic modelling of morphological changes using simple ‘abstracted’ approaches to the underlying physical processes. He has also begun some research into the processes responsible for mixing and dispersing plumes of brackish water which emanate from estuaries into coastal seas.

His Keynote Talk will describe recent advances in simulating coastal morphodynamics using ‘abstracted’ models. These models are based upon simplified versions of the physical processes but include non-linear feedback and elements of stochastic forcing. The talk will centre on what we can learn from these simulations about morphodynamics in the real world.