Proceedings of International Sessions in Conference of Coastal Engineering, JSCE, Vol. 1, 2010


  1. Numerical Study on Dynamic Response of Tension-moored Floating Structure Using m-VOF Method
    Peng Wei, Lee Kwang-Ho and Norimi Mizutani
  2. Development of 3D Parallelized CMPS-HS with a Dynamic Domain Decomposition Approach
    Abbas Khayyer, Hitoshi Gotoh snd Hiroyuki lkari, et al.
  3. Evaluation of Vertical Settlement of a Caisson Breakwater Protected by Failed Armour
    Miguel Esteban, Hiroshi Takagi aod Tomoya Shibayama
  4. Developing the Tsunami Fragility Curves for Structural Destruction along the Thailand Coast
    Suppasri Anawat, Shunichi Koshimura and Fumihiko Imamura
  5. Comparative Study of Depth of Closure in the Vicinity of Coastal Structures
    Widyaningtias and Hitoshi Tanaka
  6. Prediction Model of the Morphodynamics around Coastal Structures Considering Wave-Current Interaction
    Ahmed Khaled Seif, Masamitsu Kuroiwa and Yuhei Matsubara, et al.
  7. Characteristics of Bottom Turbidity around the Inlet of Hamana Lake
    Andi Snbhan Mustari, Shigeru Kato and Takumi Okabe, et al.
  8. A Study of Trench Trap Effectiveness on the Coastal Dune
    Junaidi, Shin-ichi Aoki and Shigeru Kato
  9. Summer Quarter Hypoxic Water Characteristics Off-Tama River Estuary, Tokyo Bay Revealed by Field and Numerical Simulation Analyses
    Tanuspong Pokavanich, Hiroshi Yagi and Kazuo Nadaoka, et al.
  10. Analysis of the Hydrodynamics and Water Quality Connectivity of a Marine and a Lacustrine Environment: Manila Bay-Pasig River-Laguna Lake System (Philippines)
    Eugene C. Herrera, Kazuo Nadaoka and Tanuspong Pokavanich, et al.
  11. Impact Analysis of Natural and Socio-Economic Factors in Coral Coast Area Using Remote Sensing and GIS
    Ankita P. Dadhich and Kazuo Nadaoka
  12. The Influence of Chilean Tsunami Wave in 2010 on Rivers in the Tohoku District, Japan
    Nguyen Xuan Tinh and Hitoshi Tanaka
  13. Seismic and Tsunami Hazards Potential in Sulawesi Island Indonesia
    Achmad Yasir Baeda, Takao Yamashita and Yasushi Higo
  14. Analysis of Wave Number using Video Images to Study Nearshore Bathymetry
    Muhammad Zikra, Masaru Yamashiro and Noriaki Hashimoto, et al.
  15. 3D Numerical Wave Flume with Interactive Pre- and Post- Processors
    Hitoshi Gotoh, Hiroyuki Ikari and Naoki Yoshifuji